Bike da Firma


How many of us drive a car to go to work or school? And how many get stressed out by traffic, gas costs, pollution? Many for sure. Bike da Firma was created to encourage people to leave their cars in the garage and go around by bike. Affiliated companies would then reward their staff to use this app in exchange of prizes.

When I started to collaborate with Bike da Firma’s team, the project was already being implemented and some design decisions had already been made like iconography, typography and color scheme. Still, I was expected to look after usability, flow and consistency issues. I was also responsible for designing the user dashboard as well as the mobile versions for iOS, Android and watch devices.



Bike da Firma


Backend developement: Fred Ciodaro
Android development: Giovanni Marques
iOS developement: Fabio De Albuquerque Dela Antonio
Frontend development: Daniel Oshiro


Visual Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Product Design